About Us

Rain Maker Custom Clothing is the brainchild of Coach Max Ivany. Over the course of many years he has coached a number of NBA players and overseas professionals. Living and working overseas for a great deal of his career he had the opportunity to have many custom one of a kind garments made for himself by bespoke tailors. Every time he returned to the USA these evoked “oohs and ahs” with the constant question of “where did you get that suit, jacket etc, I’ve never seen anything like that before”?


Some designs just came out of his head.  Typically he’d see a photo online of a very nice piece of clothing for himself or his girlfriend but he wanted a unique color or pattern, so he developed a relationship with a master tailor.  A trip to his tailor who was located in Hong Kong was pricey but well worth it to be able to establish his own sense of fashion.


The recent political climate in Hong Kong has forced not one, but two master bespoke tailors from their home country. Together with Coach Ivany they have procured a  manufacturing facility where they could continue their craft.  Now all they needed were customers. They were used to having people come through the doors of their retail location. Rain Maker will now take all the mystery out of this for you via a video call or at your home or place of business. We will guide you through a fitting in the privacy of your own home. We encourage you to research photos on the internet so you can provide us with plenty of options to express your own inner designer.


Rain Maker’s call to action is “Let’s Make It Rain”.  In addition to men’s fashion including suits, blazers and shirts we have the ability to make fine leather footwear especially for those guys with extremely large feet. And your jacket?  Maybe it’s “Draft Night” or they want to honor their mom, their wife, the birth of a child, to pay homage to their accomplishments or some other special occasion. We come to the rescue with a beautiful silk custom lining for their garment. Are you a Rain Maker?


But wait, it doesn’t stop there.  There are plenty of rain maker ladies and couples out there.  We offer the same service for the ladies as well.  Is someone getting married?  The high society event of the year. Let Rain Maker Custom Clothing Make your wedding event the talk of the town.