For over 25 years Coach Max Ivany has sponsored athletes across the United States who have the talent and burning desire to go to college through a scholarship for academics and athletics/basketball.  Through the success of his D1 Nation program and the D1 Ambassadors club teams he’s been able to assist over 1000 athletes (male and female) in realizing their dreams. This includes over 300 Division One players, countless overseas pros and 15 who have reached the pinnacle of the NBA.  The amount of scholarships earned are in excess of $90 million dollars.


This process is not cheap and many families can’t afford the expenses of uniforms, tournament entry fees, travel and lodging.  We will continue to give through this company, Rain Maker Custom Clothing. Would you like to help as well and contribute to the giving? Donations can be anonymous or acknowledged for all to see.  That’s up to you.

Platinum donations will be matched by Rain Maker through uniforms for each player.  If desired, we can put the business name or the Family Name on the back of the uniforms so the public can see your kind and decent act in action when these young people play and pursue their dreams.