We’ve all heard the wise words that “clothes make the man”.  Let me take it a step further.  When I was a young teenager about to go on interviews for my first part time jobs, the first thing my mom did was to take me shopping for shoes. At the time I didn’t understand but her words then, ring true today.  “Son, the first thing a successful person will look at and scrutinize is your foot wear.  They will quickly notice if you’re wearing cheap patent leather, or if your shoes are scuffed or in disrepair with worn heels. If you sit down they’ll see if your soles are worn.  A good pair of shoes is the foundation of any person’s wardrobe, man or woman.”


I’ve never forgotten her words and have always kept numerous pair of fine leather footwear in my personal collection.  Let Rain Maker Custom Clothing assist you in following this path.  Any style, color or sole.  We will make your dreams come true.  Send us a photo or discuss this with your Rain Maker representative.  Do you require large sizes you can’t find in a retail store?  No problem as everything we do is custom made to order for YOU.

All customers please pay online with PayPal or their credit card. DO NOT give the salesman a check or cash. Thank You.